Dayspring Preschool and Kindergarten Staff

Our teachers are a talented and experienced group.   They have been chosen for their training, experience, character and ability to relate well with young children.  All lead teachers are degreed in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and half of the staff have also earned master’s degrees.  In addition, our teachers are a dedicated group. Currently the average tenure of a Dayspring teacher is ten years.  The quality of our program is a direct reflection of this expertise and loyalty.

Sally Logsdon, Director


Kim Motta, Assistant Director

Lori Meyer, Bookkeeper

Susan Mokwa

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Kathy Carter

Kindergarten Teacher

Laurie Sheffield

Pre-K Lead Teacher

Karen Ealick

Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Karen Hatton

4s Lead Teacher

Missy Hummel

4s Assistant Teacher

Suzanne Oberbillig

4s Lead Teacher

Susan Simmons

4s Assistant Teacher

Krista Parrott

3s Lead Teacher

Jen Squires

3s Assistant Teacher

Amanda Ohlgren

3s Lead Teacher

Linda Wiggs

3s Assistant Teacher

Kelly McFarlan

Pee Wees Lead Teacher

Linda Falk

Pee Wees Assistant Teacher

Marilyn Gehring

Early Bird and Lunch Bunch Enrichment Teacher

Adriana Quintera

Spanish Enrichment Teacher (Preschool)

Yolanda Leon

Spanish Teacher (Kindergarten)

Melanie Madrid

Music Enrichment & Kindergarten Teacher

Piot Mudry

Lunch Bunch Enrichment Teacher

Teresa Curran

Lunch Bunch Enrichment Teacher

Jill Kyroudis

Movement and Enrichment Teacher

Linda Wiggs

Lunch Bunch Enrichment Teacher

Janet Underwood

Lunch Bunch Enrichment Teacher

Ruth Vasquez

School Custodian