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I have had two children at Dayspring with a third attending in a couple years, and I could not think of a better place to send my children for Preschool and Kindergarten.  Dayspring teaches a child how to love learning and exploring in a safe and loving environment.  My children have learned more than academics, they have also learned life lessons.

Dan H. 
proud parent of a current Dayspring kindergartener and a Dayspring graduate



The teachers at my child's elementary school recommend Dayspring because the Dayspring children are very prepared for school.

Lisa R.

parent of a current Dayspring student and a Dayspring graduate




Dayspring Preschool provides an excellent environment for the children to play and learn which is made possible by having talented, caring teachers with 20+ years of preschool teaching experience. There is a sense of community that is present with children and parents and is felt from the very first day at school. Dayspring has been a wonderful place for my children to begin their school years!

Angela H.

parent of two Dayspring graduates


Dayspring Preschool and Kindergarten was not only a great find for my children, but I have met many wonderful parents that I now call friends by being a part of such a wonderful and caring family environment. My husband and I wanted our daughter in the morning program, but the only openings were in the afternoon, which turned out to be better for us. The afternoon program offered playground time after school where I was able to interact with the other parents, therefore getting the opportunity to get to know families from other classes. I can never boast enough about the kind, caring and extremely qualified staff and the opportunities my children were given every school day.

Doni C.

parent of a current Dayspring student and two Dayspring graduates



We have been at Dayspring for 7 years and even though our public school began offering all day Kindergarten this year we chose to have our youngest son stay at Dayspring for Kindergarten. The loving, caring learning atmosphere provides a wonderful early school experience. Our children have all finished Kindergarten and started First Grade way ahead of the other children academically. The teachers, co-directors and board do a phenomenal job at Dayspring and we are proud to have been a Dayspring family.

Brenda H.

parent of a current Kindergarten student and 3 kindergarten graduates