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Our School reflects the philosophy that the early childhood years are for fun and for a great deal of learning and discovery through play. It recognizes that growth is a sequential and orderly process through predictable stages of development. Our responsibility is to understand these developmental stages and to offer a program that will nurture and facilitate the growth of each child to his/her highest potential.


Our developmental approach promotes academic skills within the context of the child’s everyday activities and experiences. We encourage active exploration and inquiry. We value creativity and diversity. We nurture and expand the skills your child will need to face the future.


Our Staff
Our teachers are a talented and experienced group.   They have been chosen for their training, experience, character and ability to relate well with young children.  All lead teachers are degreed in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and half of the staff have also earned master's degrees.  In addition, our teachers are a dedicated group. Currently the average tenure of a Dayspring teacher is ten years.  The quality of our program is a direct reflection of this expertise and loyalty.



Dayspring encourages parents to volunteer in many different ways. Some volunteers spend time helping in the classroom with both special projects and everyday activities. In addition, we count on our parent volunteers to help with driving on field trips and to help with our parties and celebrations. Parents are asked to come and share their cultural traditions, holidays and foods with the children. Our parent volunteers have helped to create a warm sense of community and a special learning environment for our children.

Our Programs






We are proud of our wonderful classrooms and fun playground.  Please take a virtual tour of our facilities to see what we offer.


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